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Christ Centered Stress Reduction: Body Scan Meditation

Updated: Mar 4

Here's a tip:

  1. Try this exercise at the end of your day.

  2. Set aside 20-30 minutes for it.

  3. Imagine yourself lying down, legs propped up on a chair or ottoman. As you do this, you're reducing mental stress and physically decompressing from the day's toll.

This simple position, a favorite among chiropractors, helps decompress your spine, hips, and legs from the day's gravitational pressure. It's the perfect way to unwind while doing the body scan and reducing daily stress. And guess what? You can also do a mini version of the body scan anytime during the day to combat stress. Keep reading for tips on how to shorten the practice.


First things first, find a quiet spot where you can relax. Get comfortable, preferably lying down with your legs raised (like in the photo below). If that's not possible, you can also lay down flat or do the exercise while seated. Consider closing your eyes to immerse yourself in the meditation.

2. Begin in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Quietly imagine Jesus in front of you. Imagine His loving gaze washing over you. Invite Him into your meditation. "Jesus, come, fill me with Your peace, help me to decompress and trust fully in You, Jesus, I surrender myself to You, Jesus I trust in You, Jesus, I love You." Take some deep, slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on allowing your breaths to enter your abdomen slowly. Imagine a balloon in your abdomen inflating and then deflating. If you feel your shoulders and chest rising, re-focus on breathing deep into your abdomen, slowly in and out.

3. Bring attention to your feet. Start with your toes and move to each part of your feet. Consciously relax each part of your foot. Pay attention to any tension or pain. If you feel tension or pain, acknowledge it and ask Jesus to take this pain and tension from your feet. Continue deep breathing through this process.

4. When you are ready, move up your body to your ankles, calves, shins, knees, thighs, hips, groin, abdomen, chest, fingers, hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, neck, back of your head, mouth, cheeks, nose, eyes, and forehead. Take time in each place of your body, focusing on relaxing every muscle. Continue to notice tension and pain as you come across it. Ask Jesus to remove the tension and pain from each area as you discover it.

5. Each body part should relax after completing a full body scan. Continue in your relaxed position and focus on the gaze of Jesus. Share with Jesus any struggles you are feeling. Speak with Him as you would your closest friend and ask Him for healing. Allow your stress to wash out of you.

Shortened Body scan

If you begin feeling stress and tension throughout the day, take a moment wherever you are and invite the Holy Spirit: "Come, Holy Spirit, come." Take a few deep breaths into your abdomen. Close your eyes (if possible) and focus on any part of your body that is feeling pain or tension. Ask Jesus to take the pain or tension. Take a few more deep breaths and continue with your day.

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